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POSTER VIDEO STORE The Toxic Avenger Part 3 (1989) Toxie Movie Film (VERY GOOD)

POSTER VIDEO STORE The Toxic Avenger Part 3 (1989) Toxie Movie Film (VERY GOOD)

POSTER VIDEO STORE The Toxic Avenger Part 3 (1989) Toxie Movie Film (VERY GOOD)
POSTER VIDEO STORE The Toxic Avenger Part 3 (1989) Toxie Movie Film (VERY GOOD). POSTER VIDEO STORE The Toxic Avenger Part 3 (1989) Toxie Movie Film (VERY GOOD) YEAR: 1989 MANUALLY INSPECTED CONDITION FOR THIS POSTER IS VERY GOOD TO EXCELLENT Notes: Some edge wear and wear but nothing bad! In great condition for its age! These are NOT copies or home made posters! These are original released posters for video store use. Rest assured, you are getting an original poster from the 90's when these were released into the video stores. REALLY COOL FROM AN OLD VIDEO STORE! Rare from an old mom and pop video store! Original poster from when the movie was being released on video. These posters were only given to video stores, many of which were thrown away by stores.

The full poster image could be a sample image from the theatre poser but its pretty much what your video store poster image has just note that most video store posters usually have a tag line at the bottom that says NOW ON VIDEO Or NOW ON VIDEOCASSETTE Or NOW ON VHS Or NOW ON LaserDisc at the bottom. Which makes them pretty cool in our opinion than the boring theatre poster!

Full picture that shows the poster is usually a stock image but matches your poster. We may post additional photos that show images from your poster. SIZE Full size about (give or take) (23 to 27) inches by (34 to 40) inches They are usually 24 x 36 inches but they vary all the way up to 27 x 40.

We just don't have time to measure each individual poster one by one but it's about 24 x 36 inches but please understand it can vary in size from that as they made posters back then in many sizes. It's not a mini poster that's for sure. Mini posters are about 11 x 17 or 16 x 20 and these are NOT mini posters. NOT HOME MADE OR A COPY OF A COPY.

THESE ARE ORIGINALS FROM THE 90's. We don't sell any copies or make copies of anything! We are collectors too and hate all that.

These were made by the studios and sent to video stores directly. You are getting what they got, not a copy or a home printed one.

We are pretty sure you will like these and will not return them. They were stored in dry bins for about 30 years. We will raise prices as costs go up or if a poster gets popular but for now, get them at this low rate!

How Do I Get Rid Of Any Small Edge Wear, If Any? Framing The Poster Usually when you frame a poster, you can hide any edge wear with the frame's border if you get a frame that has a good border. Dry Mounting You can also try to dry mount these posters at a framing shop and that may take away the wrinkles or wear.

Talk to a framing shop. Cutting / Re-Cutting Some will're-cut' the poster and make new firm edges, a frame shop can do this when framing using a big precise cutter but that's up to you to decide. We prefer to keep it original as we found them since these have already been stored for decades. But re-cutting out the bad stuff (if any at all) is a fast and good method used a lot in frame shops. Or just keep them in the condition you get them, the patina from these make them even more authentic.

Remarkable for the age of these things really. WE HAVE MANUALLY INSPECTED EACH POSTER! Our Grading Consists Of: Mint / Brand New Pretty much new, very little wear to it. For video store posters this is rare.

If you see this out there be careful, it could be a print out of an online image! EXCELLENT Some minor edge wear or wrinkles but it is still in very great condition. Kinda like new but still has some small wear. VERY GOOD More edge wear than above but still no rips or tears. GOOD More edge wear than Very Good but some minor rips or tears on the edges but not so bad that it's not in acceptable condition. Acceptable Some rips or tears and noticeable edge wear but poster is still presentable an intact. SIZES THEATER POSTER What you see at the theaters.

Usually these are 27 x 40. VIDEO STORE RELEASE POSTER Usually has a small tag line at the bottom of the poster stating: Now on Video or similar tag line.

These are about 24 x 36, give or take. Please feel free to ask us! We respond to all questions. We have many other posters in our other listings from this collection. Really Cool & Really Awesome! We are very proud of our service and the quality of our items. See our over 7,500+ feedback for a reflection of our service and items. EVERYTHING WE SELL ARE ORIGINAL ITEMS! Nothing we sell is made by us, home made or counterfeit in any way, shape or form! You are not bothering us by asking us questions at all. A lot of the items we offer will never be offered again or at this price! Ask us too via messaging. We do run some great promotions and/or coupons from time to time! So please add our store to your favorites so we can send you deals and coupons. If you see an item with "Make Offer", send us an offer, we will entertain it. We are a USA born/owned and operated store. Everything comes from a smoke-free and pet-free enviroment and everything is handled with care and professionalism. How we want our items to arrive. Thanks for supporting American sellers like us! Be safe and be well.

_gsrx_vers_1502 GS 9.2 (1502). This item is in the category "Entertainment Memorabilia\Movie Memorabilia\Posters\Originals-United States\1980-89". The seller is "westchestervillage" and is located in this country: US.

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  • Industry: Movies
  • Object Type: Poster
  • Original/Reproduction: Original
  • Movie: The Toxic Avenger Part 3

POSTER VIDEO STORE The Toxic Avenger Part 3 (1989) Toxie Movie Film (VERY GOOD)